Thursday, June 21, 2007

Infocomm industry the next boom for Singapore?

Singapore’s information communication industry grew by a record 20 percent on year to 29.50 billion US dollars. Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lee Boon Yang said at the launch of this year’s Info-Comm Media Business Exchange.

Mobile penetration rate in Singapore has gone up to 108 percent despite an already overcrowded market. Broadband adoption has also gone up form 64 present last year to over 68 percent.

The minister said Singapore is well into the process of developing a secure and trusted next generation network. “Twelve companies and consortia have been pre-qualified to build Singapore's Next Generation National Broadband Network. When it is ready in 2012, this network will be capable of speeds of at least 1 Gigabits per second and of supporting bandwidth-intensive applications that are decades into the future” he said.

Just last year, Singapore unveiled its ambitious 10-year infocomm masterplan which aims to triple infocomm export revenue to S$60 billion and create 80,000 new jobs by 2015.

Under the "wireless at Singapore" programmer, the country has more than 3,400 wireless hot spots islandwide, with another 1,600 being added by this September. Already about 430,000 people have signed up to enjoy the free wireless broadband access around the island, according to the minister.
Not content with just connecting residents, Singapore has also launched the Digital Concierge which allows tourists and visitors to access maps, shopping malls and restaurant listings online. Will Singapore find prosperity in its established and up-to-date infocomm structure? Will infocomm become a boom factor for Singapore’s economy in the near future? What are your views?