Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Will Singtel win more market share with its mio plans?

Singtel has finally started offering discounted plans in a bid to retain and win more market share for its mobile phone services. Mio, an acronym that means more-in-one, encompasses fixed line Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), broadband as well as mobile phone services.

The service is built around a new all-in-one broadband modem which provides wireless access, VOIP over a four-port wired router. Mio also brings a new service from Singtel; subscribers can now make calls over VOIP using their Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones either at home or at any location with internet access.

Starhub, Singapore's second-largest telephone company is already offering discounts for multiple services. Starhub users enjoy 15 percent off mobile-phone plans, 10 percent off cable television as well as 5 percent off high-speed internet, but only if users subscribe to all three services. On the other hand, Singtel's mio plans offer as much as 30 percent savings.

Responding to questions on Singtel's delay on providing multiple service packages, Singtel CEO Allen Lew said "We didn't just want to come up with a 'me too' package of giving discounts because customers take more services from us. "

"We wanted to make sure we had an integrated package that was forward-looking," he added. "We were waiting for the right technology to come along and the right momentum in the market."

So did Singtel wait too long? Would mio be enough to help Singtel attract new customers and hold on to existing ones? How would Starhub respond?

Let us know what you think.